Our Services

Google Street View / Google Business Pages

360 Degree Photography of your Business, Real Estate or Property to be used on Social Media and Google Street View and pages. Click here for more info

Graphic Design / Advertising


Need a logo, brochure, biz cards or anything else your target audience puts its hands on we can plan it, design it, create it and print it.

Social Media


With social networks and user-generated content forming a major part of the web’s fabric, we work with global brands to develop effective strategies: to reach out to new and existing audiences. This requires a deep understanding of individual and collective user behavior, as well as technical experience of how social media platforms are developed and sustained.

YouTube, Video, Presentations & Editing


Well beyond the Internet, We believe that like photography, videography is art. It is not just about filming, it is about looking for the moments of passion, filming the unexpected angles, using the lighting, lens & colour to create mood & emotion, adding subtle effects to make a clip & final product look amazing. Much of the creative aspect of your film will be done behind the scenes in our editing room.

Online Design & Development


We don’t just design for the web, we can design and build for almost every digital medium from Web, Mobile, TV, Tablet, Apps and more.

Brand Development


An effective identity is an integral element of any company’s marketing strategy. Powerful branding needs to speak volumes about your company or product at a glance. As today’s consumers are inundated by visual iconography on a daily basis, the need for memorable brand identities is greater than ever.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


We don’t just design for the web, we can design and build for almost every digital medium from Web, Mobile, TV, Tablet, Apps and more.



Images can tell a story, invoke emotion, and communicate in ways computer generated graphics often cannot. We have fully equipped digital photographers ready to create unique images that will help you stand out from the crowd
Portraits, Weddings, Live music, Landscapes or Real-estate

Audio Production


In today’s arena of high-impact media, consumers crave experiences that go well beyond visual aesthetics. Through the combination of quality sound effects and superior execution, We deliver awesome audio solutions which push projects beyond traditional expectations. Whether your project requires subtle effects for button-clicks and roll-overs, voice overs or a complete multi-track sound-scape.

Creative Writing


Too busy to write TV and radio, or maybe you’d rather concentrate your time on media, research or simply better servicing the client?
Perhaps your presentation is looming, and you’d like another set of ideas to throw into the mix

Domain name Registration


We offer many types of domain names, all of which can be matched to one of our highly competitive web hosting plans.

Website Hosting


Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting is available starting from just $10 a month.